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Module 6. Recognising and dealing with feelings

This module help you to understand:

  • How your thoughts and feelings can influence your behaviour
  • How your perception of situations can influence your emotional and behavioural responses to those situations
  • How to identify your common thinking errors
  • How to positively manage negative thoughts and feelings 

Some of the common reasons identified by individuals who have sexually offended include dealing with negative emotions such as stress, loneliness, frustration, depression, and anxiety.

They often describe using sexual fantasy and masturbation as a way of coping with negative feelings and situations - a form of self-soothing, escapism and stress relief.

They may be aware that running sexual fantasies about children is not an appropriate coping strategy but for a variety of reasons struggle to identify other more positive ways of dealing with these feelings. Improving your ability to regulate and manage your emotions and deal positively with problems in your life is likely to reduce the probability of engaging in problematic sexual behaviour and escalating this to offending.


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