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How do I use this site?

This website is divided into sections. You can think of each section as a theme with each theme sub-divided into individual pages. You can navigate from one section to another using the navigation bar on the left-hand side of each page. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of each page to take you in an orderly way through the website from start to finish.

To help you understand the content you'll find in different parts of the website, we have given below a brief description for each section:

  • Get the facts - an introduction - this section provides some basic information around terminology and treatment issues.
  • Get the facts - UK law - This section provides an overview of UK law relating to: sexual offences against children; the consequences of a criminal conviction, including information about the sex offenders register; and signposting to other useful resources (books and organisations) that might be of value to you.
  • Why change? - This section provides a brief overview of the process of change as well as suggestions about goal-setting.
  • Self-awareness - This section includes a number of questionnaires and exercises aimed at increasing your self-awareness and understanding. They are not diagnostic and will not be scored or interpreted. They are designed to help you gain more insight and understanding of the problem and help you to make best use of the site in terms of accessing what is most pertinent to you.
  • Self-help - Our self-help units are broken down into a number of modules. Each module has a particular focus and they contain exercises for you to complete as well as questionnaires. We suggest you complete the modules in the order they are presented. However, some will feel more relevant to you than others. That’s OK. The most important thing is that you work through the modules in the way that feels right for you. And of course you can return to them as often as you want.


Stop it Now! Helpline

Finally, please know that you are welcome to call the Stop It Now! free and confidential helpline - 0808 1000 900 if you have any questions or feel you want some extra support. Like this website, the Helpline offers free, anonymous and confidential information and support to people concerned about their sexual thoughts about children.


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