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The Lucy Faithfull Foundation and disclaimer

This website has been developed by child protection charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the only UK-wide charity focused solely on reducing the risk of children being sexually abused.

The charity was founded by the late Baroness Lucy Faithfull, a 20th century pioneer in the field of child protection. The Foundation has 25 years' experience working with people who are sexually attracted to children, helping them to manage their behaviour so as to reduce the risk of children being sexually abused. Its work is pioneering and is highly regarded by childcare professionals both in the UK and internationally for the lead it takes in developing strategies to prevent children from being sexually abused.



Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to the provisions of the following points:

  • The information provided throughout this website is intended for information, self-exploration and self-help only. It is designed to increase awareness in people who may feel they experience sexual thoughts about children or may have committed a sexual offence against a child. The information contained in this website is not, and should not be taken as, a substitute for professional advice and/or treatment.
  • Although the content of the self-help exercises is based on existing research, this research is on-going and the authors would not wish to make any claims about effectiveness.
  • All the information contained on this website is intended to increase awareness of a problem, or potential problem, with regard to a sexual interest in children and is not designed to form a diagnosis. Anyone who feels that they may have a problem in this area should seek professional advice from a qualified person.
  • The Stop It Now team accepts no liability for claims by, or damages of any kind whatsoever to, users of this website. This also applies to decisions or actions taken by any individuals on the basis of the information contained on this website.
  • The information and materials, unless stated otherwise, are copyrighted by Stop It Now and are intended solely for the users own use.
  • The contents, design and format of this website are under the ownership of Stop It Now and must not be reproduced or distributed without prior permission.


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